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TCB Analytics offers a full range of analytics solutions to help you consolidate, manage, visualize and analyze your data. If you're not sure where to start, our experienced consultants will provide strategic guidance to help you create an actionable plan, customized for your organization.


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IANS Research
City of Boston
Harvard Business School
Northeastern University
Startup Institute
Physician Clinical Integration Network, LLC
Validus Group


We've partnered with July Camp Design to assist with web design and development projects, as well as, brand identity initiatives. July Camp is a creative design firm that specializes in building professionally styled websites and applications with a focus on clean, conceptual design.

We leverage Tableau as a prototyping tool in order to iterate quickly on our clients' ideas as well as to create executive-level dashboards. We have years of experience in conducting Tableau trainings as well as building dashboards for various levels of consumption across organizations.

We are an RStudio Advocate and have been using (and loving!) R for over 10 years. Using R Shiny, we have been able to quickly build valuable dashboards for our clients that take advantage of R's extensive library of statistical, graphical and machine learning packages. RStudio is a trademark of RStudio, Inc.

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