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Tidytext Analysis of the 2017 OpenVisConf Talk Transcripts

We recently published a blog post on key takeaways from OpenVisConf 2017. They just released all of the speaker videos  as well as the talk transcripts. Since Julia Silge gave such an awesome talk on using tidytext to mine text data, specifically from Jane Austen novels, we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to analyze the transcripts from...
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Key Takeaways from OpenVisConf 2017

Bookended by presentations from two of the “titans” of open-source data visualization, Mike Bostock (creator of D3.js) and Hadley Wickham (RStudio chief scientist and keeper of the “tidyverse”), Bocoup’s fifth OpenVis Conf was tightly packed with talks that both informed and inspired. Before introducing his new, reactive code environment,, Mike Bostock shared a passage...
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3’s Get Degrees: March Madness Edition

At a time defined by tears, of both sadness and joy, March Madness reigns supreme as arguably the most intriguing month of the year for sports fans. Here at TCB Analytics, we are no different as not only are we huge sports fans but we take it a step further as data geeks, analyzing the...
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Data Visualization in Virtual Reality: Useless Hype or Practical Application?

Virtual reality finally broke into the commercial market in 2016 with consumer releases of Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Valve’s HTC Vive. Virtual reality is mainly a form of entertainment that provides immersive experiences such as sitting courtside at an NBA game, shooting aliens with your hands, starring in a horror movie and more. However, there...
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2016 Lessons Learned in Data Analytics

Since we launched TCB Analytics a little over one year ago, we’ve engaged in data analytics projects for clients across various industries. Some projects were focused on data visualization and reporting, others on data scraping and machine learning, and all of the projects required initial data cleansing. The New Year gives us a chance to...
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