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TCB Analytics offers a range of solutions to help you consolidate, manage, visualize and analyze your data.

Machine Learning

Statistical modeling to continuously learn and derive insights from data.

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Advanced Analytics

Predictive modeling to capture trends in data and evaluate future impacts of decisions.

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Data Visualization

Visual depiction of data through web applications and dashboards.

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Data & Analytics Strategy

Strategic assessments for data capture, management, analysis and visualization.

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Training & Enablement

Customized training modules based on environment, skillset and data requirements.

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Learn the latest in data and analytics trends, tips and strategies.

Linear Programming for an NFL Daily Fantasy Optimizer

September 19th, 20193 min read

The NFL season is back in full swing. If you're a sports and data nerd like myself, you're ready to flex some of your analytical skills to try and beat all your friends in your fantasy leagues. Or you can take a crack at Daily Fantasy, which involves picking players…

Machine Learning in Practice: Anomaly Detection in Army Data

September 9th, 20197 min read

Assessing and improving readiness remains a significant priority for the United States Army. With this priority in mind, the Army recently launched a project to enhance its supply chain data environments by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The Army’s Logistics Innovation Agency (LIA) partnered…