Data Visualization

TCB Analytics Founder, Tanya Cashorali, presents at PlotCon Data Visualization conference in NYC

Plotly, an interactive charting and business intelligence platform for data science, held its first annual data visualization conference in NYC this year. PlotCon was a sold out visionary conference about all things data visualization. The lineup of speakers was impressive to say the least, including the likes of Hadley Wickham, Jenny Bryan, Kent Russell and more.
The conference sold out quickly and we were thrilled to be invited to speak. The diversity of the crowd and speaker panel, quality of the talks and venue, contributed to a great experience and a well-run conference.

TCB Analytics founder, Tanya Cashorali, spoke about rapid prototyping with R, Shiny and Plotly using various sports data examples. The main takeaway of her talk revolved around the ability for data scientists to create interactive dashboards quickly, with zero JavaScript and less code. She also delved into various client use cases and showed examples where custom d3.js is necessary.

You can view all of the excellent talks on Plotly’s YouTube channel.

We’re looking forward to attending PlotCon next year!