Monthly Archives: September 2017

Startup Institute Announces Partnership with Western New England University and TCB Analytics to Deliver Data Science Bootcamp

We’re excited to announce a partnership with Startup Institute and Western New England University that will provide a 10-week Intro to Data Science course. We initially launched this course in Boston, MA and had a great experience, so we’re excited to bring that same success to western Massachusetts. Jasmine Dumas, notable R package writer, conference […]

Founder of TCB Analytics, Tanya Cashorali, to Speak at Strata NYC 2017 on How to Hire Data Scientists

Strata NYC 2017 is just around the corner and Tanya Cashorali of TCB Analytics will be speaking in a session entitled “How to hire and test for data skills: A one-size-fits-all interview kit”. Based heavily on this blog post about How to Hire and Test for Data Skills, she will share her personal anecdotes and […]

Tanya Cashorali Presents at ODSC 2017 on Rapid Prototyping of Data Products Using Shiny

TCB Analytics founder, Tanya Cashorali, recently spoke at the Open Data Science Conference in Boston this year. She has long advocated for prototyping of data products before building full-fledged applications as all of the requirements are rarely known in advance. Read more below and watch the full talk as well! Companies are becoming more aware […]