Startup Institute Announces Partnership with Western New England University and TCB Analytics to Deliver Data Science Bootcamp

We’re excited to announce a partnership with Startup Institute and Western New England University that will provide a 10-week Intro to Data Science course. We initially launched this course in Boston, MA and had a great experience, so we’re excited to bring that same success to western Massachusetts. Jasmine Dumas, notable R package writer, conference speaker, and co-organizer of the Noreast’R Conference, will be instructing the course. Jenna Daly, Data Manager of the Connecticut Data Collaborative, will be providing teaching assistance in the classroom as well.

This 10-week part-time program is open to people of all experience levels and backgrounds, whether you’ve never coded before or consider yourself an Excel guru. If you love playing with data, are a sports fan, and/or want to take your analytics game to the next level, here’s what you can expect:

Week 1 – Data Science Overview
Week 2 – Introduction to R
Week 3 – Introduction to Stattleship API
Week 4 – Introduction to dplyr
Week 5 – Joining data in R
Week 6 – Advanced Data Munging
Week 7 – Data Visualization Part I
Week 8 – Data Visualization Part II
Week 9 – Data Visualization Part III
Week 10 – Project Presentations

The student projects consist of answering a sports question using data and creating a Tableau Public dashboard to communicate the results. You will leave the course having basic working knowledge of the statistical programming language, R, as well as the beginnings of an online visualization portfolio to showcase your work.

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