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TCB Founder Featured in DataFramed Podcast

Tanya Cashorali of TCB Analytics is featured in the latest episode of DataFramed, a podcast by DataCamp that examines critical topics and issues within the data science community. During the episode, the interview touches on Tanya’s experiences starting a data consultancy, working in data science, rapid prototyping, and more.

Tanya Cashorali DataFramed Quote
Everyone at any level, C-level, entry level, should be looking and diving into data the same way that you were expected to start using email 20 years ago.

Kicking off a Career in Data Science

The podcast kicks off with Tanya’s introduction to the data science scene, back before the term “data science” existed. Based on an interest in statistics and programming, Tanya started her career in the bioinformatics field in the early 2000s. During this period, Tanya was one of the early adopters of R.

The next decade of Tanya’s career included more commercial use cases for data science and analytics. Here she applied the scientific rigor acquired on the research side of healthcare and pharma. Tanya moved on to launch TCB Analytics, a Boston-based data consultancy. At TCB she applies those principles to help businesses across various industries tackle data challenges.

Rapid Prototyping

One of the core themes throughout the podcast is the idea of “rapid prototyping.” This is a concept that Tanya covers in various presentations, and something that TCB Analytics is passionate about delivering for customers. Dashboards and data products are great ways for people to consume and interact with data quickly. Oftentimes developers and data scientists will create a final product, then show the end user the UI for minor adjustments. By rapidly prototyping, you can gather feedback from the end user throughout the development lifecycle. Users are able to evaluate something more tangible than a visualization idea. This ongoing feedback helps avoid a ton of time and money sunk into concepts that won’t resonate with your end user, before building a fully-fledged product.

If you can’t listen to the podcast, a full transcript is included on the DataFramed site: