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Using an LLM to ask Specific Questions About the White House Executive Order on AI

On October 30th, the White House issued an Executive Order outlining various new standards to ensure the safe, secure and trustworthy development and use of Artificial Intelligence. The next day, DJ Patil, former U.S. Chief Data Scientist, posted the below on LinkedIn:

DJ Patil Tweet: Every AI Person right now: download all 111 pages of White House EO --> LLM to summarise

Since we already have a tool built to do exactly this, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

  • First, we exported the entirety of the EO’s text from here into Word and exported to a PDF.
  • Loaded the PDF into a VectorStoreIndex using llama-index. You can find the code to do this and read more about the process in detail here.
  • We then asked various questions of the document that data scientists might find interesting or informative.

Questions asked of the LLM:

  • What is the timeline for the implementation of the various provisions outlined in the executive order?
  • Are there any implications on generative art in this executive order?
  • Why is the National Semiconductor Technology Center mentioned in this Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence?
  • Will all future generative AI work require a watermark? Describe why or why not.
  • How will the executive order address the challenges of bias, discrimination, and fairness in AI systems?
  • Are there any regulatory changes or guidelines that data scientists need to be aware of?

Below are the results of asking the LLM: “Are there any regulatory changes or guidelines that data scientists need to be aware of?”

Executive Order on AI Question: Are there any regulatory changes or guidelines that data scientists need to be aware of? Answer: Yes, there are regulatory changes and guidelines that data scientists need to be aware of. The context mentions that the Chief Data Officer Council, in consultation with several government agencies, is tasked with developing initial guidelines for performing security reviews of federal data. These guidelines aim to identify and manage potential security risks associated with releasing federal data that could aid in the development of CBRN weapons and autonomous offensive cyber capabilities. Additionally, there is a focus on promoting the safe and responsible deployment of AI in various sectors, including healthcare and public health. The Secretary of HHS, in consultation with other departments, is establishing an AI Task Force to develop a strategic plan that includes policies and frameworks for the responsible deployment and use of AI in the health and human services sector. Data scientists should stay informed about these regulatory changes and guidelines to ensure compliance and ethical use of data.

Lastly you can check out a video of live querying the Executive Order with some of the questions listed above. Which questions would you ask? Drop a comment and we’ll try them out.

As you can see, LLMs can help us distill large amounts of text into relevant information. The ability to ask specific questions about a domain or to retrieve only detailed information we care about, is a massive time saver.