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2016 Lessons Learned in Data Analytics

Since we launched TCB Analytics a little over one year ago, we’ve engaged in data analytics projects for clients across various industries. Some projects were focused on data visualization and reporting, others on data scraping and machine learning, and all of the projects required initial data cleansing. The New Year gives us a chance to […]

Update Google Sheets via R Automatically

We’ve delivered processed result data to clients in various ways. Sometimes we create a custom Shiny dashboard hosted on Amazon Web Services or In simpler cases, it is a flat text file, Excel sheet, or for more complex cases – a hosted database solution with a Tableau implementation sitting on top. Then along came […]

Building the Right Data-Powered Product

You’ve seen the white paper or the market research report that demands you get more from your data. Don’t let your data sit there, get after it. Turn it into gold. That’s probably the title of the white paper: “Get more from your data.” While data is valuable, these white papers rarely provide guidance or […]

TCB Analytics Founder, Tanya Cashorali, presents at PlotCon Data Visualization conference in NYC

Plotly, an interactive charting and business intelligence platform for data science, held its first annual data visualization conference in NYC this year. PlotCon was a sold out visionary conference about all things data visualization. The lineup of speakers was impressive to say the least, including the likes of Hadley Wickham, Jenny Bryan, Kent Russell and […]

Visualizing Raw Material Genealogy using R, Shiny and d3.js

Drug manufacturing requires detailed monitoring of raw material inputs, intermediates, and outputs, or final drug substances. The ability to quickly query for a specific drug recipe is critical to understanding trends and improving the at-line response time to potential negative deviations. Typically, mining this genealogy data is time consuming and is usually a task reserved […]

Automate the Updating of Tableau Dashboards using R

Many analysis projects involve data that is not stored in a database or easily accessible directly through Tableau. In some cases, clients have disparate Excel sheets that require cleansing or some amount of manipulation before importing into Tableau. The client may send updated data often, which requires re-running scripts, updating the data manually in Tableau […]

Use Your Organization’s Data to More Accurately Predict Sales

If your organization uses to track all of your sales leads, contacts, and opportunities, then you’re probably familiar with its forecasting capabilities. As opportunities move through the sales cycle, the probability to close tends to increase. Here’s a chart showing typical winning probabilities for each stage. For example, every lead that comes into the […]

Get Intimate With Your Data

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s probably time we approach the topic of intimacy. No, not that intimacy. Data intimacy. Recently, we were working on a project to determine the feasibility of developing a data platform for our client. The first pass through the data involved some data clouds and trend spotting across topical […]

Building Data Teams

In the startup world, “unicorn” is a term used to describe a startup that grows quickly to achieve a one billion dollar or greater valuation. In data science, the term means something else. You’ll often hear hiring managers bemoan the fact that they cannot find a data specialist who can do everything: mine data, write […]