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Update Google Sheets via R Automatically

We’ve delivered processed result data to clients in various ways. Sometimes we create a custom Shiny dashboard hosted on Amazon Web Services or In simpler cases, it is a flat text file, Excel sheet, or for more complex cases – a hosted database solution with a Tableau implementation sitting on top. Then along came […]

Automate the Updating of Tableau Dashboards using R

Many analysis projects involve data that is not stored in a database or easily accessible directly through Tableau. In some cases, clients have disparate Excel sheets that require cleansing or some amount of manipulation before importing into Tableau. The client may send updated data often, which requires re-running scripts, updating the data manually in Tableau […]

NBA Player Movement Data in R

Everyone’s excited about the newly released NBA player movement data that’s been released – at least I am. I stumbled across this post which shows how to visualize player movement data in Python, but I wanted to figure out how to do the same in R. We’ll use a combination of several R packages including […]