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TCB Analytics to Present at Bio-IT World 2018

TCB Analytics is excited to participate in Bio-IT World 2018. Running from May 15-17 in Boston, the conference covers leading technology trends in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Program tracks include everything from data computing and machine learning, to bioinformatics and clinical genomics. If you’re interested in attending and haven’t already registered, there’s still time […]

Mara Averick to Keynote Boston EARL 2017

We’re incredibly excited that TCB’s Mara Averick, you probably know her on Twitter as @dataandme, will be keynoting at EARL Boston this year.  EARL stands for “Effective Applications of the R Language” and it’s an excellent conference that conveys how companies are gaining business value from the R programming language. We attended last year and […]

Use Your Organization’s Data to More Accurately Predict Sales

If your organization uses to track all of your sales leads, contacts, and opportunities, then you’re probably familiar with its forecasting capabilities. As opportunities move through the sales cycle, the probability to close tends to increase. Here’s a chart showing typical winning probabilities for each stage. For example, every lead that comes into the […]

Get Intimate With Your Data

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s probably time we approach the topic of intimacy. No, not that intimacy. Data intimacy. Recently, we were working on a project to determine the feasibility of developing a data platform for our client. The first pass through the data involved some data clouds and trend spotting across topical […]

You Should Analyze Bad Data

Garbage in, garbage out. That’s a top ten comment from data professionals. Why bother spending time extracting data if you know it wasn’t captured well or organized correctly in the first place? At TCB Analytics, we believe the exercise of working with data is a valuable business process even if the data itself isn’t tested […]