Advanced Analytics

Predictive modeling to capture trends in data and evaluate future impacts of decisions.

How We Work

Analyzing and understanding your organization’s data is critical to informing business decisions. TCB Analytics offers a comprehensive set of solutions to assist throughout the analytics maturity curve, including descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive.


Before diving into analysis activities, our team helps your organization prepare your data, which is an essential part of reducing time to insight. These activities may include data architecture design, traditional ETL processes, data lake implementation, data schema design and data modeling. We can also assist with identifying and securing supplementary data sources to optimize the value of internal data.


Tactical analysis of historical and current business operations helps answer “what” and “why” through business intelligence solutions. By properly diagnosing an operational or financial challenge, organizations can identify areas for improvement. Our team offers solutions for summary statistics, data reporting, dashboards, ad-hoc data analysis, automatic monitoring and real-time business intelligence reports.


Moving beyond business intelligence, predictive analytics solutions help identify potential impacts of future business decisions and the optimal course of action. For predictive and prescriptive analytics, our team offers solutions for data mining, statistical modeling, machine learning, natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

Other Services

Machine Learning

Statistical modeling to continuously learn and derive insights from data.

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Data Visualization

Visual depiction of data through web applications and dashboards.

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Data & Analytics Strategy

Strategic assessments for data capture, management, analysis and visualization.

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Training & Enablement

Customized training modules based on environment, skillset and data requirements.

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