Data & Analytics Strategy

Strategic assessments on data capture, management, analysis and visualization.

How We Work

Getting started on a data and analytics journey can be a daunting task. Based on our collective experience in data management, advanced analytics and data science, our team is well positioned to help your organization extract the most value from your data.


For organizations looking to enhance visibility and insights into their data, TCB Analytics offers data and analytics assessments. During these evaluations, we review plans for your analytics environments to best inform decision making, feed dashboards and KPIs, perform predictive analysis, analyze profitability, deploy resources and continuously improve processes. The assessment includes stakeholder interviews, inventories of existing environments and processes, a review of current infrastructure and capabilities, analytics organization maturity levels and potential risks.


In parallel to an analytics assessment or as a standalone activity, our team will assess your existing infrastructure and capabilities and offer recommendations on technology and platform options. These reviews are performed in collaboration with your analytics teams and independent of any third party technology provider.


Our team has experience helping organizations monetize data through the development of data-driven products and platforms. These solutions span the product development cycle from ingestion of data with an automated data pipeline, development of underlying data and analytics models and customer-facing application and portal development.

Other Services

Machine Learning

Statistical modeling to continuously learn and derive insights from data.

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Advanced Analytics

Predictive modeling to capture trends in data and evaluate future impacts of decisions.

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Data Visualization

Visual depiction of data through web applications and dashboards.

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Training & Enablement

Customized training modules based on environment, skillset and data requirements.

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