Data Visualization

Visual depiction of data through web applications and dashboards.

How We Work

Streamlining the consumption of data within your organization is critical to unlocking its value. By implementing solutions for impactful data visualizations, your business will benefit from improved interactivity, usability and access. These benefits help ensure your data is informing business decisions.


TCB Analytics helps organizations move beyond the constraints of static reports with interactive dashboards. These solutions provide fast or real-time data updates, interactive functionality with filtering and drilldowns, integration of KPIs and targets for reduced time to insight and enhanced usability with user experience best practices. Visualizations are available for users at all levels in the organization, from high level executive dashboards to more complex portals for analysis and investigation.


The value of data visualization extends beyond dashboards and may be incorporated into various applications to enhance their effectiveness. Employee or customer facing portals can benefit from embedded visualization solutions. The impactfulness of marketing and retail campaigns increases with real-time interactive data.


Moving from an idea to a full-fledged data-driven product can be a long and expensive process. To help streamline that process, we offer a guided rapid prototyping approach using data visualization solutions. Through interactive dashboards, statisticians and data scientists can quickly develop solutions, empowering them to bring their hypotheses to life. Putting a real data-driven prototype in the hands of the end user allows for better refining of requirements before passing off to a web development team.

Other Services

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