Training & Enablement

Customized training modules based on environment, skillset and data requirements.

How We Work

Our experienced team of instructors delivers custom corporate training programs on a wide variety of functional and technical topics. TCB Analytics offer a series of customizable modules covering topics like best practices on data visualization and machine learning, and workshops on R and Python.

Curriculum is developed based on your organization’s unique environment, skillset and data requirements. Teaching aides may be created leveraging your internal data or processes to improve topic and content relevance for students. These teaching aides, including custom dashboards or visualizations, are provided after the enablement sessions for future use.


Multiple paths are available for your team’s data and analytics enablement. On-site options include a lecture format, with training delivered on-site by an instructor or team of instructors, and a workshop format, where on-site training is supplemented with a short hands-on project. Remote delivery options are also supported via web portal. Our instructors have experience with class sizes ranging from small groups to larger lecture halls.


Our team works with your organization to develop a custom training curriculum to best meet your enablement needs. Conceptual and strategic topics may include introduction to analytics concepts, analytical prototyping through dashboard development and artificial intelligence implementation strategies for change management. Technical topics include platforms and programming languages for analytics and machine learning (R and Python), data visualization (Tableau, Shiny and PowerBI), big data (Spark, AWS), cloud platforms (AWS, GCP and Azure) and statistical modeling techniques.


Our experienced team of instructors includes professionals with technology and platform certifications in data science and analytics solutions. These experts draw from real-world experience, since each instructor has over 10 years of industry expertise as a data scientist or analyst. They also have teaching experience across public and private sectors, incorporating educational best practices to provide clear and concise delivery.

Other Services

Machine Learning

Statistical modeling to continuously learn and derive insights from data.

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Advanced Analytics

Predictive modeling to capture trends in data and evaluate future impacts of decisions.

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Data Visualization

Visual depiction of data through web applications and dashboards.

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Data & Analytics Strategy

Strategic assessments for data capture, management, analysis and visualization.

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